calling all crazy cat people

I love cats I miss not having one, so I'm that crazy person you see in the street fussing every cat they see. In every friendship group theres one of us!


Jacques Cousteau

So I have an obsession with Jacques Cousteau! weird i know i blame Flight of the concords and Wes Anderson. This card is one of my favourites purely because its about him ha!   


this months best sellers

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 22.20.43.png


Rock Covers Paper is a little design studio offering a wide range of paper goods, all hand made & created by me Amanda Barks I'm an award winning graphic designer. 

being a little studio I'm continuously growing my paper lines, & as a designer, trying different kinds of projects creating ideas, designs that push the boundaries! I love creating bespoke designs to help make occasions that extra bit unique & special! so feel free to get in touch!!!